Our Story


The best way to understand where we come from and what we would like to accomplish is to tell you our story.

My partner and I met back in May of 2015, and fell naturally into a routine of seeing each other daily, getting to know one another.  We bonded over stuff that was normal to us, movies and other geeky areas of interest.  It was quickly evident that we were both ‘animal people’.  He had two dogs, a cat, a snake, and a ferret while I brought two more dogs to the table.  Just like blending families with children, we had to learn how to best allow our animals to coexist under the same roof.  It was definitely a challenge.

When you’re a busy young adult, juggling a personal life, a new relationship, and a demanding job, it’s easy to not have the best discipline when teaching your pets how they are to behave.  His dogs were laid back, easy-going and aloof of my energetic pit mix and my little nippy old lady Jack Russell mix.  The one with energy terrorized the cat for weeks, and while the animals took a while to bond with each other, my dogs fell in love with my partner faster than his dogs started to even liked me!  With a little love and a LOT of patience, we moved in together and blended our pack of animals into one.

In October of 2015, one of my partner’s babies suddenly went over the rainbow bridge in the early hours of a chilly morning.  She went, held in his arms, knowing he loved her until the end (and still does).  Her name was Bea (after Bea Arthur) and she was the sweetest old lady rescue dog.  Two years later and we still think back on how he saved Bea from a pretty tough life, and how could we help others like her?

Not long after the initial sting of losing Bea had passed, our animal-filled house had a nearly tangible absence.  We were compelled to bring in another; we both have the mindset that if we have the time, budget, or room for another rescue, then rescue another we will! Here entered cat #2, Bolton!  A year later we took on another special dog, Luna, and then this year we adopted Harper (more on them later).

Ultimately, we want to become a refuge for dogs that wouldn’t normally be rescued.  Be it too old, too odd, too needy, or just too average to get noticed, we know in our hearts those are usually the best and most special dogs.

Due to this compulsion to help, I’d like to introduce the early makings of Bea’s Sanctuary.